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One-Page Website Builder

Whether you need a temporary landing page while you’re building a larger multi-page website, or just need a simple page for contact information for your small business, the One-Page Website Builder is a simple, reliable way to add a custom online presence to your domain name.

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One-Page Website Builder

Best for Single Landing Pages

Single landing page

Mobile editing/publishing

Free SSL Certificate

Contact form

Stock image gallery

Google maps

Enable drag and drop images

15 mb storage

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Choose from simple, attractive, and professional website templates from our site builder that will help you get online quickly.

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One Page Website Builder FAQs

What is a one-page website builder?

A one-page site builder is an online tool that allows users to create functional, well-designed, single-page websites without having to know how to code. Use the user-friendly interface and template options to start a website for your small business or for personal use. You can change fonts and colors, but for further customization and advanced features, we recommend a complete website solution like our Wix Website Builder.

What should I publish on my one-page website?

One-page websites are great for both temporary and evergreen content. You can use the one-page website builder to create a temporary page while a larger website with multiple pages is being built, use it as a simple contact page, or use it as a link to your social media profiles, design portfolio, and other content

How should I design my website?

That’s up to you. The single-page website builder comes with a handful of professionally-designed templates, and you can add logos, images, text, and other simple content. Even if you’ve already added images and text to your website, you can change the design at any time. You may need to adjust some content to fit the new format, but it’s easy to do and you’ll retain any content you already have on your site.